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The Helpage Society aims to spread its roots to all the older people who are ignored by their loved ones or now have no motive left in life . We bring back the happiness to their lives.'
It is true that elders should correct the youngsters when they are wrong, what happens invariably is that older people tend to keep on preaching.
To provide the best of health and other co-related facilities through nature blessed treatment forms such as Naturopathy, Indian Ayurveda and Yoga.

Our Aim

We aim to establish senior citizen homes for elders who are seeking social interaction, secure living to persuade their interests to maintain physical, psychological, spiritual aspects of our elders.

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Founder Message

it is my dream that I can serve the better for elderly age peoples as well as small children, in today’s world for families where none exist

Mr. Kumar

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As we enter the 21st century, we are getting devalued every day . The generation today has no time left for the elders.But not everytime the reason to leave parents is that children do not love their parents.

Many times disintegration of combined families and migration of family members to cities, other parts of the country and world. In addition to this, many families have working couples possessing earning capacity to meet both ends; they remain away from homes for long hours leaving senior citizens to fend for themselves, the same leading to difficulties.

We will not be able to make this plan comes true unless we will be having your support apart from donations we need volunteers across india . Please join us and becomes part of this noble society .

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